Saturday, February 6, 2016

1.1 Welcome

… to my blog project “Move beyond”. Thanks for being here.

If this is your first time on this blog and you are not sure what this is all about I recommend you to read through the “About this blog”- section first which you can reach directly through the top-level navigation.

I have been dealing with enterprise IT systems during my whole professional career. I have seen many system landscapes and even more technologies. Some of them were hypes and gone, others are here to stay. The purpose of all of them is to guarantee the survival of the business and in contrast to consumer IT (like desktop PCs, Smartphone, Tablets, Consumer software, etc.) these systems have long investment and usage cycles. Once a company made a decision concerning their enterprise architecture they have to live with it for many years if not for several decades. That is why all businesses keep on adding features and new systems to their landscape all the time. The result today is an unmanageable complexity and high costs of operations which are major inhibitors to urgently need (digital) innovations.

In this blog I will show how SAP HANA® will potentially change the game in a way which is not yet widely discussed in the market. To my believe enterprises are missing a great opportunity to transform the IT and the way they do business in the future. At many companies that I work with this is simply due to the fact that they are not aware of the additional option they have. Forget for a moment what you know about SAP. You won't find much on that in this blog. I will treat HANA as what it is in its core: a software to store data, also known as "database".

The growing number of HANA evangelists might contradict and respond to me that it is much more than that and that I in return will miss many pieces of the story - just look at what SAP is currently doing with it. They are right. I will come to that point later in the blog. My central intention above anything else is to convince a user who has never used a piece of SAP software before that HANA is potentially the end of all of his relational database systems.

With that in mind let’s get started.

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