Saturday, February 6, 2016

3.4 Food4Thought: Corporate Data Pool does not equal “Big Data (Analytics)”

Here is a special topic for discussion (although of course I am happy to discuss everything else with you).

The concept of a Corporate Data Pool has little to do with the topic of “Big Data” and should not be mixed with it. But if you deal with "Big Data" you should think about a Corporate Data Pool.

“Big Data”, sometimes more precisely called "Big Data Analytics" is a big hype at the moment. It is the name for a number of concepts how to get meaningful information out of huge volumes of data in order to make business decisions on it. There is a number of ideas, projects and tools in the market.

I do not intend to start a discussion around “Big Data Analytics”. I do believe that it is a concept that belongs to the “old” client-server world with many data silos but not into the world of a Corporate Data Pool. Why?

Basically you have two sources of data in which you can search for meaningful information: 1. in your internal data silos with all the duplicated, inconsistent data – what kind of results do you expect? Or 2. you can search in external sources with public data on the internet like Facebook, Wikipedia, all kinds of other social media, etc. This is what Google does when you type in your search query. And if you do not like Google there are other nice little tools which do the job for you. Big Data?

One last comment: Big Data Analytics is analytics, that means read-only reporting. This is not the intention of the Corporate Data Pool. The latter one is for transactions and analytics at the same time, it is writable.

Happy to discuss.

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